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Take Aim: No Microwave Weekend

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UPDATE: You can now find even more healthified recipes & health tips at

Every Friday I will be giving you a small goal to aim for in order to be able to hit your target of having a healthy and balanced life.

This weeks challenge is to not use your microwave for the entire weekend. Do you think you can do it? Honestly, I never even realized how much I use my microwave until I decided to try to cut back on how much I use it. GEEEZZZZ, I am like a microwave addict. Even though I have done the research, unfortunately, old habits die hard.

(If you’d like to see more about whether or not microwaves are safe for you to use, click here.)

For this weekends challenge, I am going to hang a sign on my microwave that says, “OUT OF ORDER! DO NOT USE!” and I want to challenge you to do the same.

I am hoping this will be the beginning of the end of my microwave usage. 🙂

Click here for a list of ways to heat different foods up without the use of your microwave.


About HnB4life

Hello There ! My name is Tiffany and I am on the journey to find balance in life! Now, I’m not talking about anything kooky or mystical, but real true balance and health in all areas: physical, spiritual, and emotional. I figured I was not the only one looking for these things, and thus this blog was born. I am not an expert in all things healthy nor is my life 100% balanced. However, I have been on this journey for a quite a few years and have learned some things along the way. One of those things is that the start of a healthy and balanced life is a relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Friend, my Strong Tower, and my Balance in those completely unbalanced moments. If you’d like more information on knowing Jesus Christ, please click here Welcome Friend, I look forward to our journey together.

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