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Living White Sugar-Free

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Living Sugar Free…or at least attempting to live sugar free??

Personally, I use a variety of white sugar replacements in recipes such as honey, agave, brown rice syrup, and sucanat (non-refined whole cane sugar).  However, my doctor recently reminded me of a great sugar replacement called Xylitol. She (and I) highly recommend it for the following reasons:

*XYLITOL is naturally manufactured in the body from fruits and vegetables.

*It WILL NOT spike/crash your blood sugar. (This is a great sugar replacement for diabetics.)

*It WILL NOT cause cavities in the teeth; it is actually wonderful for oral health and has anti-bacterial properties.

*This is a great treat alternative for those battling Candida Albicans (yeast), Diabetes or Obesity, instead of all the “sugar-free” treats on the market that are loaded with SPLENDA or ACESULFAME (K) POTASSIUM (BADDDDD NEWS!)

*It tastes like sugar

*It’s an equal conversion (1 tsp sugar= 1 tsp xylitol)

Is there any Downfall?

The only one I know of is that it cannot be used to make bread as xylitol does not feed yeast. Therefore, the bread will not rise if you use xylitol. It also will not crystallize like sugar, in case you need to know that for making a dessert. Otherwise, this is a great sweetener to keep in the cupboard for other sweetening and baking needs.


About HnB4life

Hello There ! My name is Tiffany and I am on the journey to find balance in life! Now, I’m not talking about anything kooky or mystical, but real true balance and health in all areas: physical, spiritual, and emotional. I figured I was not the only one looking for these things, and thus this blog was born. I am not an expert in all things healthy nor is my life 100% balanced. However, I have been on this journey for a quite a few years and have learned some things along the way. One of those things is that the start of a healthy and balanced life is a relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Friend, my Strong Tower, and my Balance in those completely unbalanced moments. If you’d like more information on knowing Jesus Christ, please click here Welcome Friend, I look forward to our journey together.

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