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Are Microwaves Really Bad for Your Health?

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I am sure many of us have heard about the great microwave debate.

“It’s bad for you!” “No it’s not!”

“It causes cancer!” “No it doesn’t”

“It zaps the nutrients out of our food!” “Nonsense!”

So what’s the truth?

Is it really bad for us? Can it cause cancer? Does it zap the nutrients out of our food? Is it a hazard to have it in our home?

I have just finished using our microwave to heat up some milk as I write this. I use a microwave almost everyday at lunch to heat up my food at work. So if this is a hazard to my health (and yours) then we most certainly need to know about it and cut back on our usage of it or get rid of it all together.

Just a quick note on the way a microwave works. It is able to heat up food by causing the water molecules to shake at high frequencies. This turns the water into steam which heats your food. That’s a little cool and a little freaky…but I digress.

After doing some research, these are the truths that I found.

1. Microwaves change the food’s chemical structure-thus depleting our food’s nutritional value. Meaning your oh so nutritious brocolli becomes no so nutritious after being in the microwave! 😦

2. Carcinogenic (cancer-causing) toxins leak out of plastic containers and into our food. If you decide to continue using microwaves, I want to strongly urge you to only use glass containers.

3. The risk of significant radiation leaks is mainly with older models. The newer models have a very low-level of radiation leakage, however they do still leak radiation.

I want to encourage you to do some research on your own and then decide what is best for your family. I am going to do my best to not use the microwave and plan on eventually throwing it out all together. Either way, after learning all of this, I am cutting way back!

Here is a very informative article written by Dr. Mercola on microwaves if you’d like to know a little (or a lot) more!


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  1. Didn’t know that about plastic. I will definately try to use glass when using the microwave. Thanks Tiff.

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