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What’s so great about coconut oil?

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You may have been hearing the buzz lately about coconut oil and how great it is for you. With a bigger price tag than your average cooking oil, you may be asking–What’s so great about coconut oil?  There is plenty of information out there on all the benefits of it but I wanted to break it down for you here in a simple list:

1. Anti-bacterial

2. Anti-fungal

3. Anti-viral

4. Made up primarily of medium-chain fatty acids which means that it quickly burns as energy for your body instead of  being stored as fat (like the long-chains do).

5. Anti-parasite

6. High alkaline food (This is good considering that the majority of people here in the US have high acidic diets. Adding in foods that are alkaline will help to bring a balance to your diet.)

7. Helps regulate blood sugar

8. Helps prevent heart disease

9. Main component is lauric acid

10. High Heat Threshold (It doesn’t get rancid as quickly as other oils when used to cook.)

11. Aids in digestion

12. Great for your hair and skin! (Not to mention you smell like coconut after applying it!)

All that to say if you are looking to make one change today to improve your health then make the switch from vegetable or canola oil to coconut oil! You won’t regret it!

*Note: This is not the full list of the benefits of coconut oil but these are the main benefits that I have found.


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Hello There ! My name is Tiffany and I am on the journey to find balance in life! Now, I’m not talking about anything kooky or mystical, but real true balance and health in all areas: physical, spiritual, and emotional. I figured I was not the only one looking for these things, and thus this blog was born. I am not an expert in all things healthy nor is my life 100% balanced. However, I have been on this journey for a quite a few years and have learned some things along the way. One of those things is that the start of a healthy and balanced life is a relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Friend, my Strong Tower, and my Balance in those completely unbalanced moments. If you’d like more information on knowing Jesus Christ, please click here Welcome Friend, I look forward to our journey together.

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  1. We are big proponents of coconut oil! We learned even more great thing about The Tree of Life when we were in the Philippines. How to make coco honey, vinegar, burgers and much more, it will be one of the livelihoods we share in the Baja:) Exciting to see you sharing about nutritional health….it’s so important.

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