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My Can’t Live Without Kitchen Gadget

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With all this healthy, raw, and natural cooking that I am finding my way into, I found that a Food Processor is a complete necessity. Okay, so maybe it’s not a necessity, but it definitely opens the door to a whole new world of fun and interesting recipes! So far I have only used this two times, but I have a lot of recipes I am going to be trying out that require it so I am sure that I am going to wear this baby out!! Now, my first choice for a food processor is the Vitamix Professional 500 Series, but with a price tag of about $550, this is not within my budget. I went on and happened upon this gem of a food processor. The Black & Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor which is currently priced at $29.95 on is definitely within my budget. I have listed the pro’s and con’s below but all in all-this is a must-have and I highly recommend it, especially for those who are either pinching their pennies or new to the healthy eating lifestyle.


* Does exactly what it is supposed to do-processes food

* It doesn’t take more than about 30 seconds to finely process nuts

* Price


*This baby is pretty loud. For me, it’s not a big deal since my blender is equally loud. However, if you have sleeping children in the next room or your hubby is trying to watch some TV, this could be a problem.

*Depending on what you are mixing, you may have to stop the processor, remove the lid, and scoop the sides to ensure everything is equally mixed.  For example, I had to do this when I made     Strawberry Sherbet but I did not have to do it when I made the filling for the No-Bake Chilled Double-Chocolate Torte.

* Instead of pushing the button for it to continually run until the food is smooth or to the consistency you want it be, it does much better if you push the pulse button a few times in a row instead.

Note: This is an unsolicited review. I do not receive any sort of compensation for sharing this with you.


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  1. Vitamix Professional 500 Series, it is really loud and expensive

    • I wondered about how loud the Vitamix would be. I guess the noise level is something you have to deal with no matter what food processor you get. Thanks so much!


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